Mostafa Tamam
Red Team analyst
About Me
Security Engineer with experience in various domains like: -Web Application security testing Study OWASP Top 10, SANS top 25 vulnerability and generating reports -Network Pentesting, vulnerability assessment, IPS/IDS. -Prepare best practices in cloud pentesting. -Background in software development, programming languages lifecycle. -Proficient in Linux operating system configuration, utilities, and programming. -Proficient in windows operating system, power shell, and active directory. -Extensive knowledge of hardware, software, and networking technologies to provide a powerful combination of analysis, implementation, and support. -Managed the cycle of project continuity, reviewed the technical work of a team, and ensured the quality of service deliverables. -Skilled in Customer relations, business requirement gathering, and Threat modeling. -Background of PCI-DSS and ISO 27001.
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  Cairo, Egypt
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بأستطاعه عمليه ال Stegno اخفاء اى شئ داخل شكل اخر ومن هنا نستطيع اخفاء الرساله فى ملف نصى عن طريق تغيير شكل الملف النصى او تغيير سياق النص او شكل الـ Format والـ Font الخاص بالملف المخفى فيه
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هل تتذكر الوقت الذي قضيته في المدرسة الابتدائية ، عندما كتبت مع اصدقائك على الكتاب في الخلف بحبر غير مرئي؟ كان هذا هو علم الإخفاء. الآن أنت تعرف!
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